Terms of Use and Conditions

The Website

The Laurence Gartel website has been created to present the Artist's work. All the content on the website is copyrighted and its reproduction is prohibited without the express consent of Laurence Gartel. Any questions in regards to the website functionality can be submitted to info@smdigitalpartners.

The Mobile App

The Gartel Art App is provided free of charge and has been created for entertainment purposes only. This App doesn't collect any kind of user information and the sole purpose is to display a 3D model Version of Gartel Art Cars for amusement. All questions and suggestions in regards to the Gartel Art Apps can be forwarded to info@smdigitalpartners.

The App has passed and has been created in compliance with Apple's App Store guidelines and revisions as well as Google's Play store guidelines and revisions. Since the App is provided free of charge no guarantee is made that it will work on any specific devices. Support for the Apps will be provided to the best extend and as SMDigital Partners considers it necessary.


The e-commerce section of the LaurenceGartel.com website uses paypal as the payment gateway. Any questions in regards to e-commerce can be sent to info@smdigitalpartners.

Laurencegartelwebsite.com has been created and maintained by SMDigital Parteners.
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