Laurence Gartel

Laurence Gartel - About the Artist
A Living Legend

Hailed by many as the first graphic artist of the digital age, Laurence Gartel stands at the top of his artistic niche as the acknowledged "Father of Digital Art." A born and bred New Yorker, he perfected his iconoclastic style with the likes of Andy Warhol, whom he introduced to computer artistry even before Mac and the PC came on the scene. Like Warhol, Gartel blurred the line and created a bridge between fine art and graphic artistry.

Early associations with icons like Debbie Harry of "Blondie" and Sid Vicious of the "Sex Pistols"€ helped to launch him into the public limelight. Decades later, his talents are still in demand by modern pop idols, and his past client list includes pop stars Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears.

These days, Gartel, who now calls Miami home, is shifting gears to take his art to a whole new frontier  car art. Each iconic paint job tells a story. For instance, Gartel says, "On the 1959 Cadillac I depict the space race against the former Soviet Union as well as Castro’s influence and the addition of Hawaii as America ’s 50th state."€

His "Auto-Motion" exhibition has been captured on film for the big screen in Britain, Australia, and many other countries around the globe as well as in a luxury edition of a hard-bound coffee table book. He followed that up with his "Supercar"  series and then, in 2012, with the Fireball Run: Northern Exposure film and live streaming event.

His commissioned creations include: a Tesla Electric Art Roadster, a Ferrari Scuderia 430, a 1984 Rolls Royce Sprit, a 1957 Lincoln Premier Convertible, a 1959 Fleetwood Cadillac Limousine, and a 1963 Chevy Pick Up among other fine vehicles.

Gartel is perhaps best known for the very first "digital photographic"  piece for Absolut Vodka with Absolut Gartel. He was also featured in Apple ’s famous  "Think Different" ad and has created works of art for Coca-Cola, the National Basketball Association, and other top brands and personalities.

Gartel achieved the prodigious accomplishment of having his work hang in the Museum of Modern Art before he turned 25, and he remains on the cutting edge of his profession today. His resume includes exhibits at Palm Beach Photographic Center, Joan Whitney Payson Museum, Princeton Art Museum, Bibliotheque Nationale Paris, the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, and the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern History at the Smithsonian to name a few.

His work has also graced the pages and covers of many well-known magazines such as Forbes, ART-IN-AMERICA, Artforum, Sotheby’s, Art and Auction, Art and Antiques, ArtByte, Scientific American, and NY Magazine.

Gartel earned a BFA degree in Graphics at the School of Visual Arts where he interacted with renowned graffiti artist Keith Haring. He studied for an MA in Photography under Arthur Leipzig at CW Post College and later began his electronic career working side by side with video guru Nam June Paik at Media Study/Buffalo in upstate New York in 1975.

The accomplishments and groundbreaking style of Laurence Gartel have earned him bios in a host of Who’s Who publications around the world, and he has also been the subject of many books including Laurence Gartel: A Cybernetic Romance with an introduction written by Nam June Paik.

Selected Museum & University Solo Exhibitions:

“GARTEL: AUTO MOTION,” Robert Rauschenberg Gallery, Edison College, Ft. Myers, 2009

“GARTEL: 30-Years of Digital Art,” Palm Beach Photogrraphic Centre, Museum, Delray Beach, Fl 2009

“GARTEL: WEAM, during Art Basel Miami Beach, Florida 2007

“GARTEL:30-YEARS of DIGITAL ART,” Coral Springs Museum of Art,FL, 2004

“GARTEL RETROSPECTIVE,” Gallery of ART, Edison College,Ft.Myers, FL, 2003

“GARTEL: Hyper-real expressionism,” Palm Beach Photographic Museum, Delray Beach, FL, 2001

“GARTEL RETROSPECTIVE,” Nathan D. Rosen Museum Gallery, Boca Raton, FL, 2001

"L. Gartel: A Cybernetic Romance,” Northwestern State Univ., Natchitotches, LA, 1995

"L. Gartel: A Cybernetic Romance,” Masur Museum of Art, Monroe, LA, 1994

"Gartel: A Cybernetic Romance,” Ringling School of Art & Design, FL, 1992

"Gartel: A Cybernetic Romance,” Musee Francais de Photographie, Paris, France, 1992

"Laurence Gartel: Retrospective,”  Middle Tenn. State Univ., Murfr, KY, 1992

"Laurence M. Gartel: Cybernetic Romance,” Norton Gallery, W. Palm Beach, FL, 1991

"Laurence M. Gartel, Computer Images,” Portland State University, OR, 1991

"East Meets West,” University of Southern Colorado, Pueblo, CO, 1990

"Nuvo Japonica,” Joan Whitney Payson Gallery, Portland, ME, 1989

"A Cybernetic Romance,” Fine Arts Museum of Long Island, NY, 1989

Selected Gallery Solo Exhibitions:

“GARTEL: Redefining/Reinventing, The Naitonal Hotel, Art Basel Miami Beach, 2009

“GARTEL: Electronica/Erotica”, Film Screening/Exhibit, Miami Beach Cinemathque, 2009

“GARTEL: Selected Works 1975-2008, IAG Galleries, Naples, Florida, 2008

“GARTEL: Exotic  Electronic” Lurie Gallery, Studio City, California 2008

“GARTEL,” Galerie D’Enfer, Brussels, Belgium 2002

“GARTEL,” Galerie Subterrane, Atlanta, Georgia 2002

“GARTEL,” Gallery Yes!, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 2002

“GARTEL: Hyper-real Expressionism,” DFN Gallery, NYC, NY, 2001

“GARTEL Italian Series,” Spaziotempo Gallery, Florence, Italy, 2001

“GARTEL: Bologna art fair, bologna, Italy, 2001

“GARTEL RETROSPECTIVE,” Galerie L, Moscow, Russia, 2000

“GARTEL: MILANO ART FAIR," Milan, Italy, 2000

“GARTEL: Digital Art,” DFN Gallery, NYC, NY, 2000

“GARTEL: Larger than Life,” Caitlyn Gallery, St. Louis, MO, 1999

"GARTEL," ZURICH ART FAIR, Switzerland, 1999

"GARTEL," Colville Place Gallery, London, U.K., 1999

"GARTEL," Italian Cultural Institute, NYC., NY, 1999

"GARTEL: MILANO ART FAIR," Milan, Italy, 1999

"Laurence Gartel: Arte & Tecnologie,” Galerie Posteria, Milan, Italy, 1998

"L. Gartel: Older Works: 77'-82',” Galerie der Gegenwart, Wiesbaden, Germany, 1998

"Honoring L. Gartel: 20 Years of Computer Art,” ART FAIR, Innsbruck, Austria, 1998

"Laurence Gartel: 20 Years of Computer Art,” Philip Morris, Berlin, Germany, 1997

"Laurence Gartel: 20 Years of Computer Art,” Philip Morris, Hamburg, Germany, 1997

"Laurence Gartel: 20 Years of Computer Art,” Philip Morris, Munich, Germany, 1997

"Laurence Gartel: 20 Years of Computer Art,” America Haus, Frankfurt, Germany, 1997

"L. Gartel: New Works,” Galerie der Gegenwart, Wiesbaden, Germany, 1997

"L. Gartel: A Cybernetic Romance,” Galerie der Gegenwart, Wiesbaden, Germany, 1995

"L. Gartel: A Cybernetic Romance,” Palm Beach Int. Airport, Palm Beach, FL, 1995

"Laurence M. Gartel: A Cybernetic Romance,” Nicolae Gallery, Columbus, OH, 1992

"Gartel: Romance Cibernetico,” Gallery Euroamericano, Caracas, Venezuela, 1992

"Cybernetic Romance,” Fotogalerie Bordeneau, Neustadt, Germany, 1992

"Cybernetic Romance,” Calenberger Volksbank, Seelze, Germany, 1992

"Laurence M. Gartel, MONDO MIAMI,” Virginia Miller Gallery, Coral Gables, FL, 1991

"Gartel, Cybernetic Romance and Computography,” Neikrug Gallery, NYC, NY, 1991

"Nuvo Japonica,” Verbum Gallery, San Diego, CA, 1991

"L. Gartel, Digitized Holiday Visions,” Virginia Miller Gallery, Coral Gables, FL,          1990

"Gartel and Photography: The Next 150 Years,” Spiritus Gallery, Costa Mesa, CA, 1990

"East Meets West,” University of Southern Colorado, Pueblo, CO, 1990

"Nuvo Japonica,” Gallery International 57, NYC, NY, 1990

"Laurence M. Gartel: Video Photos,” Nikon House Gallery, NYC, NY, 1980

"Laurence M. Gartel: Video Photos,” Sea Cliff Photography, Sea Cliff, NY

Selected Museum and University Group Exhibitions:

“Montreal Erotic Art Festival, Conseil des arts du Quebec, Canada 2009

“20th Anniversary Show Selections and Highlights,” Selby Gallery, Ringling School, Florida 2007

“Int. Digital Art Awards, “VCA Gallery,” Melbourne, Australia 2004

“Int. Digital Art Awards,” QUT Art Museum, Brisbane, Australia 2004

“INTERgraphic,” State Museum of Fine Arts, Bishkek, KYRGYZSTAN, Russia, 2004

“Int. Digital Art Awards, “VCA Gallery,” Melbourne, Australia 2003

“Int. Digital Art Awards,” QUT Art Museum, Queensland, Australia 2002

“Int. Aigital Art Awards,” Univ of Tasmania Academy Gallery, Australia 2002

“Unit 2,” London Guildhall University, London, England 2001

“Russian State Museum,” Moscow, Russia 2001

“Computers,” Polytechnical Museum, Moscow, Russia, 2001

“ISEA2000,” Paris, France, 2000

“Eighth New York Digital Salon,” School of Visual Arts, NYC, NY. 2000

“Regional: Figuring,” Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, Fl, 2000

"First Elvis Art Show, Hollywood Art and Cultural Center, Hollywood, FL, 1998

"Inaugural Exhibition,” Museum of New Arts, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, 1996

"Digital Salon,” Palm Beach Community College Museum, Lake Worth, FL,1995

"Civil Rights,” The Bronx Museum for the Arts, Bronx, NY, 1991

"Infinite Illusions,” Smithsonian Institute, Washington, D.C., 1990

"Exchange of Information,” Museum of Modern Art, NYC, NY, 1990

"Out of Bounds,” Guild Hall Museum, East Hampton, NY, 1989

"Electronic Imaging,” St. Louis Community College, MO, 1989

"WYSIWYG,” Blair Museum, Holidaysburg, PA, 1989

"The Artist & The Computer,” Bronx Museum for the Arts, Bronx,  NY, 1987

"Computer Art,” University of Dublin, Ireland, 1987

"Computer Art,” Columbia University, NYC, NY, 1984

"Abstract and Image Processing,” P.S. 1 Museum, Long Island City, NY, 1984

"The Artist & The Computer,” Long Beach Museum of Art, CA, 1983

"Points of View,” Museum of Art University of Oklahoma, OK, 1982

Selected Gallery Group Exhibitions:

“ARTery Fair, Art Basel Miami Beach, Wynwood, 2009

“Artavox, Schoolhouse Children’s Museum, Palm Beach County, 2009

“SPIRITUAL ART,” Zen Village, Coconut Grove, Florida 2009

“Art Undressed,” Erotic Signature, Wynwood, 2008

“Spring Show,” ArtFtures Gallery, Wynwood 2008

“SACRED ART,” ArtFutures Gallery, Wynwood, 2008

“Art Basel Miami Beach,” ArtFutures Gallery, Wynwood, 2007

“Beijing Arts Festival  798, Beijing China, April, 2007

“Erotica,” Lurie Gallery, Miami, Florida 2006

“NEW OLD GEMS” Digital Art Museum (DAM) Berlin, Germany, 2005

Digital Art Gallery, and Information Visualisation, London, England, 2004

Computer Graphics Imaging and Visualization, Penang, Malaysia, 2004

“The Second Couming” ICEHOUSE, Phoenix, Ariozona, 2004

“Cyberotika 2004,” Dojo Yako Gallery, Atlanta, Georgia, 2004

“GARTEL: Digital Art/Digital Movies,” ArtWorks Gallery, Wynwood, Florida 2004


“WIRED,” Gallery ART +, Coral Gables, Florida, 2003

International Art Expo, Madrid, Spain, 2003

ART FAIR: Zurich, Switzerland, 2002

ART FAIR: "Editions of Art,” Innsbruck, Austria, 2002

“2002 Int. digital art awards,” Counihan Gallery, Brunswick, Australia 2002

“Mysterium Photographicum,” Dunedin Fine Arts Centre, Fl. 2002

“Digital Salon,” School of Visual arts – Artlink, New York, NY. 2002

“DAM gallery artists,” Colville Place gallery, London, England, 2002

“From the ashes,” Open Space Gallery, Pennsylvania 2002

“Greenham Arts Centre”, London, England, 2001

“From the ashes,” C.U.O.N.D. O., New York 2001

“EVO-1,” Galerie L, Moscow, Russia 2001

“Cyberotika,” Atlanta, Georgia, 2001

“digital darkroom,” john wayne international airport, ca. 2001

“literary references in art,” n.westchester center for the arts,NY.,2001

“Odyssey,” palm beach international airport, fl, 2000

“Summer Show,” DFN Gallery, NYC, NY, 2000

"Dream Contenary Computer Graphics Grand Prix 99," Aizu, Japan, 1999

"Video History: Making Connections," Syracuse, NY, 1998

"Pioneers of Digital Photography," Open Space Gallery, Allentown, PA, 1998

"TOUCHWARE Art Gallery: 25th Anniversary," Siggraph '98, Orlando, FL, 1998

"Computer Art: Anjal & Laurence Gartel," Broward Community College, FL, 1998

"Digipainting '97 Echi dal terzo Millennio,” Rome, Italy, 1997

ART FAIR: "Editions of Art,” Innsbruck, Austria, 1997

ART FAIR: "Art Multiple,” Dusseldorf, Germany, 1996

"Computer Art," Palm Beach Gardens, FL, 1996

ART FAIR: "LA Art Fair,” Los Angeles, CA, 1992

" East/ West Photography Conference,” Poland, 1992

"Computer Art,” Olympia & York, NYC, NY, 1991

"The Exquisite FAX,” FAX ART, 612-690-0172, Minneapolis, MN, 1991

"Transportation on Images,” John Wayne International Airport, Orange County, CA, 1990

"Second International Symposium on Electronic Art,” Amsterdam,  Holland, 1990

"Eurographics 1990,” Montreaux, Switzerland, 1990

"Infinite Illusions,” Smithsonian Institute, Washington, D.C., 1990

"Computer Art,” Prix Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria, 1989

"Computer Art,” Images Du Futur, Montreal, Canada, 1988

"Computer Art Show,” Siggraph, various locations 1986-83

“Ready for Prime Time Artists,” Discovery Gallery, Glen Cove, NY, 1983

"Video Art,” Flviana Gallery, Locarno, Switzerland, 1980

Selected Collections:

Victoria and Albert (V&A) Museum, London

DAVIS-IMAGES Collection, MA.

Australian Centre for the Moving Image, Melbourne, Australia 2004

Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) Library, Sydney, Australia 2004

Tempra museum of contemporary art, Malta

The Museum of Modern Art, Lending Collection, NYC, NY

Long Beach Museum of Art, CA

Experimental TV Center, Owego, NY

Fine Art Museum of Long Island, NY

School of Visual Arts, NYC, NY

Palm Beach Photographic Museum, FL

Masur Museum of Art, Monroe, LA

Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris, France

Musee Francais de la Photography, Paris, France

Coca-Cola, Atlanta, GA

Polaroid Collection, Cambridge Massachusetts, and Zurich, Switzerland 

Philip Morris, Hamburg, Germany

Commerzbank, Frankfurt, Germany

Absolut Museum, NYC, NY

Shaw Walker, NYC, NY

Polk & Davis & Wardell, NYC, NY

Selected Grants and Awards:

Experimental TV Center, Owego, NY, “Artist in Residency” 2008-1978

“POPKOMM2003,” techno music fest, Cologne, Germany 2003

IDAA, “Laurence Gartel Award,” Melbourne, Australia, 2001

Institut fur Neue Median, Frankfurt, Germany “Artist in Residency”

InterMedia Art Center, Bayville, NY, “Video Award”

Film Video Arts Center, NY, "Artist in Residency”

Art Directors Club of New Jersey, “ 22nd Annual Award Show”

Polaroid Corporation, MA, “Research Grant”

Kodak Corporation, NY, “Research Grant”

Apple Computer, Milan, Italy

In Kind Grants:

IBM, Canon USA, Apple, Adobe Systems, Roland, Iomega, La Cie, Epson America, Metacreations, ArcSoft, 

LaCaere Hasselblad, eFrontier, MUVEE, Olympus America, Konica/Minolta, Hewlett Packard, NOKIA

Selected Commissions:

First Naples International Film Festival Official Poster

Scripps Research Facility Public Art Commission, Palm Beach 

GARTEL 3D AUTO MOTION Sculpture , Private Benefactor

Paranoia Magazine cover art

Cinema Arts of the occasion of the 100th Anniversary of Clark Gable

The Walt Disney Company; - Official millennium image for Epcot Center

Bristol Myers Squibb – Annual report

Philip Morris – German national advertising campaign

Commerzbank – German National advertising campaign

GWW Wiesbaden – 50th anniversary commerative image

BATES Agency Frankfurt - German Advertising

Budweiser – National advertising

Amerivox – National phone card 

Sprint – National phone card 

Roche Pharmaceuticals – Global annual report

Phoenix Suns Basketball Team – Official team poster

Dan Majerle’s Sports Bar – National basketball association player poster

Museum of Discovery & Science, Florida, - museum poster

Mobil Oil – national advertising campaign

Grapevine Telecards – National phone card

IBM – National ad campaign

Canon USA – National advertising campaign

Marlboro – Horse racing poster, Puerto rico

SWATCH, Switzerland – merchandise development

Boy Scouts of America – Official poster

Future Film Festival, Bologna, Italy – National poster

METRO-DADE Art-In-Public-Places, Florida – Miami International Airport Commission

Jimmy Star Fashion Designer, - Promotional material and national advertising campaign

ABSOLUT GARTEL" for Absolut Vodka appearing in: Art-In-America,” "Artforum,” "Art and Auction,” 

"Sotheby's Preview,” “Scientific America,” "WIRED,” “Art and Antiques,” “Technology Review,” "NY Magazine;”  

Official  Poster for the Ft. Lauderdale International Film Festival, Ft. Lauderdale, 1995; 

Official Poster  for the Palm Beach Photography Workshops & Museum; 

Dinosaur Poster Series Image Marketing, Chicago, IL

SAKURA, NYC, - Dinnerware 

ACME Writing Tools, Hawaii - PENS; 

Ritzenhoff Cristal, Germany – Glassware

Gibson Guitars – Limited edition Gartel Guitars

Numerous international private collections

Selected Teaching and Lectureships:

GARTEL: 30-Years of Digital Art, Naples Int. Film Festival, The von Liebig, 2009


GARTEL: The Man, The Myth, The Legend, South Florida Camera Club, 2009

Maine Media Workshops- Advanced Digital Photography, 2008

Palm Beach Photographic Centre, 1992…. Ongoing 

DIGITAL LONG ISLAND/Artistic Director/Organizer, 2007

Art League of Long Island, Dix Hills, NY 2007

School of Visual Arts: Master Class Lecture, NY, 2007

Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, 2004

ACM Siggraph Ft. Lauderdale Chapter, FAU, 2004

Edison College, Ft.Myers, Florida 2003

Camberwell College of Arts, London 2002

Towers Hamlet College, London, 2002

Maine Photographic Workshops, Rockport, Maine, 2002.2003, 2004, 2005, 2006

University of Miami, Florida, 2002

Cyberculture, University of Maryland, 2002

Digital salon, PPA, Atlanta, Georgia, 2002

World Photographic Congress, Orvieto, Italy, 2001

Mid Regional Professional Photographic Association, Columbus, Ohio 2001

Digital Power Conference, Biloxi, Mississippi, 2001

Stonybrook University, MFA students, NY. 2000

Soros Foundation, Moscow, Russia, 2000

Palm Beach Photo Workshops, Delray Beach, FL, 2000

PIMA, Naples, FL, 1999

PMA EUROPE, London, U.K., 1999

GARTEL SPEAKS, School of Visual Arts, NYC, NY, 1999

Werbe-Design Akademie of the WiFi Tirol, Innsbruck, Austria, 1998

Palazzo delle Fontane, Rome, Italy, 1997

CHAIRMAN: Electronic Publishing, International Fine Arts College, Miami, FL, 1996-1998

California State University at Long Beach, CA, 1996

Palm Beach Community College, Lake Worth, FL, 1995-1996

Professional Photographers of America, Atlanta, GA, 1993-1997

International Center of Photo, "Computer Imaging Wkshp.,” NY, 1988-95

Usdan Center for the Creative & Performing Arts, Long Island, NY, 1995

Northwestern Louisiana University, Natchitotches, LA, 1995

Pratt Institute, NY, NY, 1992-1995

School of Visual Arts, Korean Exchange Students, NY, 1990-94

Masur Museum of Art, Monroe, LA, 1994

Marymount College, Tarrytown, NY, 1991

American Society of Magazine Photographers, Chicago, IL, 1990

Electronic Photography, R. I.T. Satellite Video Teleconference, 1990

York High School, Faculty and Student Workshops, York, ME, 1990

Computer Electronic Publishing Show, SPOKESPERSON, Chicago, IL, 1990

School of Visual Arts, Computer Art Instructor, NY, 1983-1994

Murray State University, "Photography: The Next 150 Years,” KY, 1990

Montclair State College, "Computer Art,” NJ, 1989

University of  Southern Colorado, "Computer Art Workshop,” Pueblo, CO, 1989

Westbrook College, "Computer Art,” Portland, ME, 1989

C.W. Post College, Computer Art Professor, NY, 1988

University of Southern FL,, Computer Art Professor, Tampa, FL, 1987

First Pan Pacific Computer Graphics Conference, Melbourne, Australia,1985

Bronx Community College, "Video/Computer Art,” Bronx, NY, 1985

NY State Art Teachers' Assoc., "Electronic Imaging,” NY, 1984

Selected Articles On Laurence M. Gartel:

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Selected Television & RADIO Appearances:, Miami Beach, Florida 2009

PLUM TV, Miami, Florida 2008

FOX 29, West Palm Beach, Florida 2008

CBS Channel 12, West Palm Beach, Florida 2008

CBS Morning News, Miramar, Florida 2008

ART ROCKS! – Internet Radio, San Diego, CA. 2008

WLIU, CW Post Southhampton Campus, LI, NY.  2007

WPBR 1340 AM RADIO, Lake Worth, Florida 2002

ZETA 94.9 FM RADIO, Miramar, Florida 2002

WXEL TV, Palm Beach, Florida 2001

TB6 TV, Moscow, Russia, 2000

BKT TV, Moscow, Russia, 2000

AAC National TV, Moscow, Russia, 2000

Tele Monte Carlo, Milan, Italy, 1998

SEI Milan, Milan, Italy, 11/98

TELEMARKET, Art News, Italy, 11/98

TI-IN Network, San Antonio, TX, 1996-1992

ARTE, Paris, France; Berlin, Germany, 1996

Channel 20, West Palm Beach, FL, 1995

The Real Stuff,  Ft. Lauderdale, FL, 1995

NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw, NY, 1991

CBS Objective Jobs, Chicago, IL, 1991

Multimedia, Chicago, IL, 1991

WJME Portland, ME, 1989


“Digital Long Island,” Mills Pond House, New York 2007-2008

“NEW MEDIA STUDENT FILM Competition,” Scottsdale Film Festival, Scottsdale, Az 2004

“Laurence Gartel Award” for digital excellence, IDAA,Melbourne, Aus. 2001-2003

"Digital Salon,” Palm Beach Comm. College Museum, Lake Worth, FL, 1995

"Emerging Computer Graphic Artists,” Multi-Media Gallery, NY, 1991-1995

Selected Panelist:

Culture and Cocktails, Brazilian Court, Palm Beach Cultural Council, 2009

JUDGE: Jade Reidel Digital Art Scholarship Competition, Naples, Florida 4/08

DIGITAL LONG ISLAND, Artists Talk on Digital Art, Moderator, Village Center, Pt. Jefferson, LI 2007

Florida State Individual Media Arts Fellowship Grants, Tallahassee, FL, June, 2006

MODERATOR: “The Digital Age,” Miami International Film Festival, Miami Dade College, 1/05

JUDGE: Scottsdale International Film Festival, Digital Film Making Competition, Az, 11/04

HD Festival, ArtServe, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 8/04

MODERATOR, “New Media and the Collector,” ART+ Gallery, Coral Gables, Fl, 11/03

Digital Power, Biloxi, MS, 2001

Florida State Individual Visual Arts Fellowship Grants, Tallahassee, FL, June, 2000

WPPI, Las Vegas, NV, 1999

Photo Imaging Education Association, Las Vegas, NV, 1999

Graphic Communication Association, Spectrum Conference, Tucson, AZ, 1997

PhotoFusion, Palm Beach Photographic Workshops, FL, 1996, 2000, 2001, 2002

Macworld, Boston/San Francisco, 1993-1994

Biographies: "Outstanding Young Men of America;” "Who's Who in the East;” "Who's Who;” 

"Who's Who in America;” "Who's Who In Education;” "Who's Who in American Art;” "Who's Who in the World"

Professional Organizations:

President, Electronic Design Association (EDA), National Organization, FL, 95'-'98

Founding Director, Museum of New Arts (MoNA), Ft. Lauderdale, FL, 1996

CD ROM: "Laurence GartelCreating Computer Art,”   Diamar Interactive, Seattle, WA, 1997


“GARTEL:” DOCUMENTARY – Granada Television, London, 2003

“GARTEL:” DOCUMENTARY – An Evening with Gartel Anthology Film archives, NYC, 2003

“GARTEL:” DOCUMENTARY – World Premiere, Melbourne Film festival, 2003

“GARTEL:” DOCUMENTARY – Private Preview, Cinema Paradiso, Ft. Lauderdale Film festival, 2003

“GARTEL:” DOCUMENTARY – Preview Trailer LONDON, 2002



DVD MUSIC/ART RELEASE: “GARTEL: INDIA” Release: Spring 2007 -BUDGET: $95,000

DVD: “GARTEL: FERRARI,”  Installation - Release, FALL 2008. 6:57 Seconds 

to be  shown at TATE MODERN, London 2011

DVD: “30-Years of Digital Art,” Crystal Productions, Chicago, Illinois Fall 2009

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